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Building Permits

Applying for Building Permits

All buildings over 15 square meters or 161.459 square feet require a building permit. Buildings will be constructed in accordance with the restrictions in the Conmee Official Plan, Conmee Zoning By-law and Ontario Building Code. There are minimum set backs and separation distances for the different types of buildings. Set backs and separation distances may be found under the relevant section of the Conmee Zoning By-law.

The Ontario Building Code regulates the materials and types of construction allowed. The Building Code also mandates inspections of buildings by a qualified Building Official. The Ontario Building Code may be found at Conmee's Chief Building Inspector is Martin Templeman and he can be reached at 807-630-9726 or by email at . All questions regarding building should be directed to the Chief Building Inspector.

Building permit applications are available at the Municipal Office or can be downloaded using the link below. You will also be asked to submit a sketch map of your property, showing all existing buildings and  proposed building. Distances from all property lines and other buildings must be included. All significant natural features must also be marked on the map, such as water courses or steep slopes. If there are no blue prints being submitted, the Building Inspector will require a cross-section drawing showing all proposed construction from footings to rafters. A sample of both of the above drawings are included with the Application. 2 sets of blueprints are required to be submitted and 1 set will be returned to you when your permit is issued.

Building Permit Fees are dependant on the type and size of building proposed. Please refer to the Building Bylaw 930 Schedule "A".

Permit Applications for a new dwelling will also be required to purchase an emergency locater number. The current fee for the sign is $30.00. Conmee Emergency Services members will erect the sign. Conmee is part of the enhanced 911 service, which means that your unique property identifier as assigned by the Township, will automatically appear on the screen of the operator who answers the 911 call. If you are unable to speak, the operator will dispatch assistance.

New dwellings will also require an inspection by the Road Superintendent to determine if a culvert will be required at your entrance. If one is required, you will be notified of the size required and it is your responsibility to purchase it. A fee of $300 dollars is also payable to the Township of Conmee and includes 1 load of gravel and machine time. We will install the culvert. Once the culvert is installed, the Township will take responsibility for maintenance.

Applications for new dwellings must also have attached a copy of the Approval of the Thunder Bay District Health Unit - Septic Division for the installation of a septic system. Septic system permit applications are available at the Municipal Office, or at the Thunder Bay District Health Unit.

Applicants will be required to notify the Building Inspector of the progress of the building, with sufficient notice so that an inspection may be performed. A check list of key construction inspections necessary to your specific project will be provided. Inspections are not available every day.

Further information on applying for a building permit may be obtained from the Municipal Office at 19 Holland Road West, or by calling 475-5229, during business hours, or by contacting the Chief Building Official.

Chief Building Official - Martin Templeman:   or call 807-630-9726